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Camera bots started in 2015. Kodak was the first of the camera bots, made out of an old, Kodak film can from the 50’s. The tin was salvaged out of Nancy’s great aunt’s house along with the first camera used. Aparat was the first bot made from an old brown camera from the 30’s.

These bots are made out of everything to do with photography. Vintage cameras, film cans, film, light meters, and flashbulbs are the most commonly used parts. All the old parts that were required to take photos. All of these parts have since been replaced by cell phone cameras and digital cameras.

Other Part First

Damaskos was the first bot, in 2018, to use miniature people. The camera bots started to have these hidden miniatures behind the camera’s lens to help remind people of the memories that these old cameras use to take.

Gelukkig was the first bot, in 2017, to use a cassette tape as a head. Most of the cassette tapes used are found at secondhand stores and garage sales. Cassettes were a popular way of playing music from the 60’s to the 90’s until they got replaced with CD’s.



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