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Electro bots started in 2014. Porter was the first of the elector bots, made from used old electrical boxes.The first batch of electo bots were all made from electrical boxes found at Restore, in Davenport, IA. Since then, electro bots have been made from electrical boxes, electrical conduit, electrical timers, or any parts that helped electricity move into and around your house.

Another Part First

Greeny was the first bot to be painted in 2016. While the first parts were kept in their natural found states, after 2016 electro bots and other parts started to get more colorful with the help of paint. The silver metal of the electrical boxes and electrical conduit make for the perfect canvas to explore the use of colors.

Salomea was the first bot, in 2014, to have plastic printer gears for eyes. These gears have all been salvaged from printers, VCRs, and a few other electronics.These eyes have been very popular with the bots and have been used throughout the bot world.

Raco was the first bot, in 2016, to get their plastic gear eyes bolted down. While transistors eyes were bolted down from the start, the plastic gear went through a few different looks before getting bolted down. Before Raco, all the plastic gears were put on the bots with wires.



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