General Information

Lee Bots are robot sculpture made from recycled and repurposed items. The bots have grown over the year into a variety of other products. All keeping in the theme of the bot’s goal of reusing old and unwanted items into something new, to share with the world. To learn more about the Lee Bots and how they are made check out The Bots section. 

While the bot sculptures are cute and may look kid friendly, these sculptures are not toys and should be kept away from small children under the age of 10. The bot sculptures are not meant to be played with, but are great as a sculpture for a desk, shelve, stands, etc. While you can move a bot’s arms, legs, head, and antennas; repetitive movement my cause a break in the wire.

All of the bot sculptures are still handcrafted from scratch by artist and founder Nancy. Most of the jewelry is also hand made by Nancy too and will be marked on the listing if it is handcrafted.

Lee Bots offer a variety of different products like handmade robot sculptures and handmade jewelry. Along with print to order t-shirt, sweaters, underwear, shoes, and more. All product reflect the bots and the parts that go into making a bot.

The Bots are constantly running special sales. Keep up to date with current discounts and specials on the bot Instagram and Facebook pages.

Most of the apparel fits true to size but for some of our women’s products we suggest ordering a size up. Please see our sizing charts for exact size information. There is approximately a 1 inch variance that can be experienced from what is expressed in the chart. We want to make sure you’re happy with your order so please let us know if your products don’t match our size chart within reason.

All of the bot sculptures are still handmade by the artist, Nancy Solbrig. To learn more about what goes into the making of a bot, check out The Bot section.

If you don’t use the full amount of the gift card after your first purchase, you can see the balance under my account, in the coupon section.

When at the checkout page, you will enter the gift card code, at the top of the check out form, under coupon code.

All items that are not in the handmade section, are print on demand item. Lee Bots have partnered with print on demand companies to offer a wider arrange of great and fun products. These companies only make an item once you buy an item and ship the item directly to you.

Quick Shipping Info

Lee Bots’s items are shipped by Lee Bots or one of Lee Bots’s partner companies. Worldwide shipping is available on all items.

  • Each item has different shipping time. You can see these time under the “Additional information” section, under the description section.
  • Shipping in the United States: A flat rate shipping fee of $8 for all orders shipped inside of the United States.
  • Shipping outside the United States: A flat rate of $18 is charged for all shipping outside of the United States. Some items are charged an extra shipping fee due to size or weight. All extra shipping fees will be labeled on the item’s page, under additional Information section.
  • Items may arrive at different times and in different boxes. 

Shipping Info

  • All processing times are Monday-Friday. Lee Bots and Lee Bots’s partner companies are closed Saturday-Sunday.
  • Many items are print on demand items and are made after an item is purchased. Because of this, process times will vary. On average it can take 2-8 days to process an item before shipping. No guarantees can be made on process times.
  • If you would like an item by a specific time, please order the item at least 3-4 weeks in advance, if shipping within the United States. 4-5 weeks in advance if shipping outside the United States.

After an item is done processing, the item will take on average 2-14 days to ship within the United States. Shipping outside of the United States can take up to 30 days depending on where you live. An email will be sent when the item(s) are shipped. A tracking number will be emailed if provided by Lee Bots or Lee Bots partner.

Lee Bots does not offer next day or express shipping. Many items are not kept in stock and will only be made when purchased. This processing time will vary depending on the item. Because of this, we can not guarantee you an item next day.

A tracking number will be emailed if provided by Lee Bots or Lee Bot’s partner companies.


Items are not kept in stock and are print on demand. Once you place your order and item is made for you and can not be returned.

Items are not kept in stock and are print on demand. Once you place your order and item is made for you and can not be returned.

If you would like to return your items because the item is damaged or defective you may do so for store credit within 14 days of when your order was received.

Typically we only accept returns for store credit when an item is damaged or defective. However we want to make sure you are happy with our products. Send us an email if you are unhappy with an item and we will work with you to make it right.

Miscellaneous Information

Lee Bots offer a wide range of custom work possibilities. Check out the Custom Work section to learn more. You can also contact us at lee@leebots.com

Lee Bots offer a variety of products at a discount, for wholesale use. Contact us at lee@leebots.com to talk with us about options for your store.