Dublin for a week? Maybe two. The bots went out exploring the first day around the air b&b and enjoyed a nice walk along the coast. The next day Nancy was out… and on the third day… Nancy finally went to a doctor… Nancy got some meds and some rest. When it came to the final day to leave, there was going to be a snowstorm in Chicago. While Nancy was feeling a bit better, her inner ear infection was not.   An extra week was added to the trip, last minute. which became a good thing, the flights home were canceled three days in a row, due to snow in the states.

Taking advantage of this extra time, a trip to Northern Ireland for a day to the Gaint’s Causeway and Belfast. It was windy, so the bots didn’t get out much for fear they might fall down a cliff.

Dublin was finally explored along with two nearby towns. Walks along cliff paths were definitely a favorite of the trip. The bots and Nancy soon made their way home.


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