Naples… It rained, a bunch. The bots tried their best still, to get out and explore the city. Which turned more into taking train rides around the area to avoid getting wet. Also, don’t trust google map with closing times, when traveling on off seasons. Things close super early.

It was here though, that Nancy found her favorite bot part from the trip. An antique light switch she got from an old, little electrical shop by her air bnb. The shop’s owner knew a little English and figured out Nancy made the bots. The little, grandpa-like shop owner fell in love with the bots and went in back to get his own secret stash of antique electrical parts that made Nancy very envious. A switch and an outlet were then given to Nancy. The switch has since been turned into the first bot made from the European parts. You can see this bot in the Bots by Parts section along with other bots made from the trip.



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