In 2017 Lee Bots began to bring the bots into the world of 2-D prints. The first prints where of the bots road trip adventures. These became a popular buy for customs, which led into even more variety of prints. All prints keep with the bots theme of repurposing the past. Glamour shots becoming the most popular of the prints. Bring back memories of school pictures, bad 80’s hair, and those fashion trends we all wish we could forget. Another popular print collection Vintage. Collage. These vintage prints take old unwanted books and brings new life to the pages with a little bot fun. Discover the different prints below.

See all the different prints that are available for purchase in the Print section, or see all the prints, on a wide range of products in the Clothing, Accessories, and Home & Living sections.


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About Prints

These prints incorporate all the fun elements from vintage: glamour shots, portraits, or family photos to make for some unforgettable bot shots. Being that most of the bots parts have come from vintage parts, it only made since to put the bots into some fun retro poses. The fun laser backdrops. The bad fashion trends of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

About Prints

These collages are made from the pages of vintage and antique books once forgotten on the shelve of second hand stores. Each collage draws from a time long ago. A time that seems unreal today. The bots with their own vintage parts are then added into these pages. blending in, or were they in the pages of the book all along hiding.

About Prints

These bots get to have some fun with all the different parts that make up the Lee Bots world. Each print is made up of a bot and a pattern filled background, made up of all the parts that are found while tearing electronics apart. On the search for bot parts. All the parts are then colorized to match and help bring out each bots individual characteristic and charm.

About Prints

These prints are all the bots. Whether its the bots with simple white back grounds or fun bold color. These prints focus on the bots and showing off each bot’s individual uniqueness. Showing the distinctive parts that make up the world of Lee Bots.

About Prints

These warning signs come from all the warning signs that the bots have found while tearing electronics apart and warning signs that are all around us. Each  sign is then reimagined and illustrated on the computer. Adding a splash of bright color to make each sign pop with attitude.

About Prints

These parts come from all the parts that the bots find while tearing apart all the electronics on the look out for bot parts. The chosen parts are then illustrated on the computer. Bright colors are added to the illustrations to make the once dull parts each stand out on their own. No longer just another part in a pile on many.

About Prints

These patterns come from all the different parts that make up a bot. All the parts are found while tiring apart the different electronics, or items found from second hand stores, while looking for bot parts. Circuit boards, wires, and all the different parts all get scanned and get transformed with eye catching color turning the old dull parts into the fun patterns you see below.

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