Journey through the creative origin story behind Lee Bots. Explore the pictures, videos, and stories that have reshaped the lives of the discarded parts and the artist, Nancy, for the past ten years. Get a glimpse of how the first pile of cast-off electronics was shaped into expressive bots with attitudes, kick-starting Nancy’s love of giving new life to otherwise unwanted parts once destined for the trash.

Taking these bots on the road to find new homes and overseas for an adventure through Europe, have made for some interesting pictures that you can now look through. The bots and bot products have now found new homes, lives, and adventures around the world, a long way from the dark shadows of closets, garages, and basements that kept most of the parts trapped.

Get a 20% off coupon in one of the origin sections for helping Lee Bots spread the message and awareness of bringing new life to the undesirable and overlooked parts of the past.


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