Peg Bot

Bridget contacting me, wanting a bulldog bot that looked similar to her dog Peg. I was free to make the bot dog however I wanted. Given a lot of time to find parts, I found a vintage Bull Dog friction tape tin that made for the perfect body. The rest of the bot is made from electrical boxes and conduit along with black pipe conduit. This bot stands around 15 inches tall.


Domino Bot

Lisa contacted me, wanting a bot similar to her prize horse Domino. She wanted the bot to be bigger and to be made from reclaimed parts giving it an industrial look. After sending a few different ideas we agreed on the bot below. The bot is made out of electrical conduit and black pipe. The wire was used for the bots hair. The bot was easy to tear down and reassembly for shipping. The head is, also movable by hand. Altogether this bot stands at 23 inches tall.


Form Time

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Please, message when you need the project done by. Projects can take more than a month to complete depending on the bots workload and the size of your project.

Bots of this size and type generally start around $165 each. Prices can vary depending on the number of bots purchased; parts used in the bots; and size of the bots.

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