Krakow was the first stop in Poland. The bots got to celebrate the holiday season with their friend Adam’ and his family, eating all the traditional holiday foods.

The bots made a quick stop in Katowice where Nancy studied a little design at the Academy of Fine Arts.

The next stop was to Poznan! This is where Nancy studied design at the University of Arts Poznan. It was here that the bot’s type and logo were created. Along with the idea of marketing the bots. A lot of bot parts were found here too at the hardware store and at the weekly flea market. These parts got shipped home.

Warsaw was the last stop in Poland before leaving for  Romania. It was here, at the Warsaw airport, for the first and only time, Nancy got her backpack checked and the bots had to come out and get looked at by TSA. Luckily, the bots were all good and the TSA let everyone through. Nancy was only traveling with the one, carry-on backpack…


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