Port bots started in 2010. Ida was the first port bot and was the 13th bot ever made. Ida was made from parts torn from Nancy’s first computer. Since then, many computers have been torn apart and recycled for their ports. Most of the ports are video, audio, Ethernet, or USB ports from computers, DVD players, or VCRs.

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Ida was also the first bot, in 2010, to use the PS2 ports as a head. These ports came from the motherboard of Nancy’s first computer. The PS2 ports were once used to plug in your mouse and keyboard to a computer tower. Since then the ports have become harder to find. All being replaces in modern computer with USB ports.

Rufin was the first bot, in 2013, to use the two audio ports as a head. These ports came from the motherboard of a computer towers.These ports are where you hook up your speakers, headsets, or microphone in the back of computers.



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