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The Bot
Bot Name: Royða
Bot Number: 20211588

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The Bot
Bot Name: Royða
Bot Number: 20211588

The parts used to put the bot together
Head: Electrical conduit
Eyes: Printer and computer gears
Body: Champion spark plug
Feet: Black pipe capes on metal washers
Structural Wire: Dark annealed steel wire
Secondary Wire: Green with black spots, telephone wire

8in tall x 3.75in wide x 1.75in long
Dimensions are based from the bot’s pose in the last photo and includes the length of the antenna, legs, and arms.

Royða is handcrafted out of old, used, and discarded parts. Many times parts from computers, printers, radios, typewriters, etc. are torn apart and used. Parts like electrical boxes, electrical conduit, electrical hardware, fuses, vacuum tubes, tins, etc., are bought from various secondhand shops and antique boutiques. After the parts are all found and disassembled the bot is put together with wire. The wire is sewn through each of the bot’s parts, connecting everything together. There is a structural wire, which holds the bot up and together. This wire is bought from a hardware store. The secondary wire is more decorative. This wire can be from telephone wire, networking wire, industrial cables, etc. that gets stripped down. Other wire used is wire meant for jewelry making. All of the bot’s hands are bought from a hardware store or secondhand shop. Most of the hands are some form of electrical clips or connectors.

If you’re bored with the bot’s current pose, the wire makes it possible for you to move the bot’s arms, legs, head, or antenna, around to something that better fits your needs.


The Tags
Each bot comes with an identification tag, which shows the bot’s individual name and the bot’s unique number. See the below example, which explains the numbers.

Bot Number: 2016750
The first number indicates the year the bot was made. Example (2016)750 means the bot was made in 2016.
The second number indicates the bot’s number in sequence to the rest of the bots. Example 2016(750) means this bot is the 750th bot I have made.

These bots are NOT TOYS and should be kept away from small children.

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