the workshop
Where Bots Are Made

The workshop is where the bots get made. All the parts get collected, torn apart and reassembled into Lee Bots. See the process that turns all the different parts into a bot, ready to go home with a new family.

Making a Bot

All the bots get their start from Nancy’s workshop in Rock Island, Illinois.  This once three car garage space was empty… Now, It’s full of parts and pieces waiting to become bots. The main workshop area is where the parts get turned into bots.

Each of the averagely sized bots are put together in a similar fashion. The different parts get holes drilled through them. Eyes are bolted to heads. A structural wire is threaded through and twisted around all the parts. Connecting all the parts together and allowing the bot to stand up. A secondary wire is then wrapped around the structural wire to add more color and creativity.


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Slide through the pictures below to see how the grid process works.

The Grid

With all these parts hanging around the workshop, the grid system was developed to make work easier. Most of the bots are made in groups, using the grid. All of the parts get taken out of their boxes, laid out on the grid and await assemble. All the other parts that don’t get used are then put back into their boxes for another day. This system seems to keep the workshop clean and Nancy focused on only the current parts in front of her, resulting in fewer distractions. Numbers are sometimes drawn to help pick out which bot will be worked on next. Fans on Instagram and Facebook can help Nancy pick the numbers when starting a new group. Making it fun to see which bot will come from the number picked.


Click on a video below to see some of the fun in the workshop.

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